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Tag Archives: Judge Lisa M. Lorish

Conditional approval of cannabis permit rescinded

Where the Virginia Board of Pharmacy conditionally approved appellant’s application for a pharmaceutical processing facility permit to grow cannabis plants, and to manufacture and distribute cannabis-based products, the board correctly rescinded the conditional approval after appellant did not timely complete ...

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Order to change military pension election was error

Where the parties agreed that appellant could not reduce appellee’s share of his military pension by electing to receive disability pay instead of retired pay, appellant’s later election to receive disability pay and Combat-Related Special Compensation, which reduced appellee’s share, ...

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$3M verdict tossed after misdiagnosis, botched surgery

Doctor interpreting scan

A woman who suffered a permanent impairment must retry her malpractice claims against the doctor who allegedly misdiagnosed her condition and botched the surgery, the Court of Appeals of Virginia has held, settling two matters of first impression. Ramona Bowman ...

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Wife gets fees in divorce despite ex’s ‘green-card sham’ claim

Divorcing couple at mediation

The Court of Appeals of Virginia has upheld an award of attorneys’ fees to a woman in her divorce from a husband who delayed settlement and accused her of immigration fraud. The husband said fees shouldn’t be awarded on various ...

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First impression informed consent issues decided

A $3 million medical malpractice verdict (subject to the statutory cap) is reversed because the trial court allowed plaintiff-appellee to present an “impermissible informed consent theory[.]” Overview Appellee Bowman had a sudden, severe headache. A CT scan revealed “a bleed ...

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