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Appeals court: HOA inspection fees unlawful

Homes in homeowners' association

A challenge to inspection fees assessed by a homeowners’ association in a large development has succeeded after the Court of Appeals of Virginia found that the individual fees weren’t expressly authorized by the association’s declaration. The appellate court was unpersuaded ...

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Statements about association president not defamation

Where a residential owners association president claimed other owners defamed him in a letter, the complained-of statements lack the necessary “sting” to be considered defamatory. Narrowing the issue “We exercise de novo review of the circuit court’s decision sustaining the ...

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Contingent-fee agreement between lawyers enforceable

Where appellant lawyer engaged appellee, a lawyer who appellant supervised at the firm where they both worked, to represent him in a civil matter, the parties’ contingent-fee agreement is enforceable. Statement of the case “Appellant Stephen Moncrieffe hired appellee Adam ...

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