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Forged check is basis for identity theft charge (access required)

Where appellant made a stolen check payable to herself, forged the check owner’s signature, used her own driver’s license as identification but left the bank before completing the transaction, she was properly charged with attempted identity theft. Identifying information “Code ...

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Cocaine found during ‘Terry’ stop admissible (access required)

Defendant’s actions while seated in his car – digging between and beneath the seats and behind him with his hands – gave police a reasonable suspicion that he was reaching for a weapon, which justified removing defendant from his car ...

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Obese man suffered brain damage after elective surgery – $2,150,000 Settlement (access required)

John Doe, 24, was scheduled for elective gall bladder removal. Due to morbid obesity, a sleep study had been ordered to check for sleep apnea. Surgery was scheduled without the sleep apnea results. The plan was for an overnight admission ...

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Duty to protect extended to employees’ families (access required)

A woman who washed her father’s asbestos-laden clothes after he returned home after working in a shipyard may sue the shipyard for asbestos exposure. Background Plaintiff alleges that from approximately 1942 to 1977, Wanda Quisenberry’s father, Bennie Plessinger, was employed ...

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Let no man put asunder… (access required)


A hard-fought battle over the technicalities of getting married in Virginia has been resolved with a narrow judicial preference for the validity of marriage over formulaic procedure. The backyard wedding of Richard Levick and Deborah MacDougall in 2002 – with ...

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Man hurt in rear-ender on Interstate 66 – $450,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff is a 38-year-old male who was the driver of a ve­hicle travelling west on Interstate 66 in Fairfax County on Oct. 4, 2013. The defendant was driving in front of the plaintiff when he stopped on the high­way to ...

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