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Law school rankings: Most Va. schools gain

Four Virginia law schools can point with pride to advancements in the latest rankings from U.S. & World Report, and Washington & Lee has moved ahead of William & Mary on the magazine’s list.

Law schools at the University of Richmond, Washington & Lee University, the University of Virginia and George Mason University all moved up in the rankings.

UR law continued a exhilarating climb on the chart, from 86 two years ago to 67 last year and now to 58.

W&L jumped six points to 24.

U.Va. advanced two points – to 7 – and GMU moved up one place to 39.

The College of William & Mary slipped 8 points, to 35.

Appalachian School of Law, Liberty University and Regent University are listed alphabetically among schools outside the top 145.


  1. Is moving up or down by 2 points, or 8 points, statistically significant, given the limitations of the underlying data?

  2. If you look at the actual numbers behind the rankings, W&M got slammed because of their employment statistics. They were penalized because they don’t temporarily hire their jobless grads for a month or two in order to be able to report those people as “employed.” W&M is still second after UVA

  3. Popularity contest– not quality indicator. But it is what it is.

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