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Driver found not liable for injuries in red light accident — Defense verdict

Type of action: Auto accident/personal injury

Injuries alleged: Plaintiff claimed orthopedic injuries to neck and shoulder (resolved) as well as permanent lumbar spine injuries

Court: Stafford County Circuit Court

Tried before: Jury

Name of judge or mediator: Judge Joseph J. Ellis

Date resolved: 4/29/2021

Special damages: Plaintiff claimed approximately $30,000 in medical bills and lost wages

Demand: $250,000

Offer: $50,000

Verdict or settlement: Verdict

Amount: $0 (defense verdict)

Attorneys for defendant (and city): Nicholas Lawrence and Briyanna Scott, Fairfax

Description of case: The plaintiff testified that she approached the intersection, stopped and waited because she had a red light. When the light changed, she began to make a left hand turn under a green arrow. She was struck in the passenger side as she was making the turn. The defendant entered the intersection from her left.

The investigating officer testified that he spoke to the parties, observed the light sequence and that the accident could not have happened the way the defendant said it had. He admitted on cross that he just meant it was impossible for both parties to have had a green light at the same time.

The defendant testified that he received a citation for failing to obey the traffic signal and paid it. Nevertheless, he believed he had the green light. Neither driver saw the other until the moment of impact.

The jury deliberated approximately 30 minutes before returning a defense verdict.