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Drug dog alert supported search (access required)

Prosecutors proved that police dog Falco Two was reliable in alerting to drugs in a case decided Dec. 10 by the Supreme Court of Virginia. The dog’s handler detailed the dog’s training and experience, and the K-9 officer had the ...

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Judge reviews released in 2015 JPE reports (access required)

Twenty-five Virginia trial judges have received their report cards. The Virginia General Assembly has released the 2015 Judicial Performance Evaluation Reports, delivered by the Supreme Court of Virginia on Dec. 1, pursuant to statute. Reports were prepared for 25 judges ...

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Counting car-lengths for contrib (access required)

A round of finger-pointing after a rush-hour car crash should be sorted out by a jury, the Supreme Court of Virginia said in a Dec. 3 ruling on contributory negligence. The middle car in the three-car pileup was squeezed from ...

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High court rules on Padilla advice (access required)

Criminal lawyers who counsel clients about possible immigration consequences got some guidance from the Supreme Court of Virginia in two cases decided Oct. 29. In one case, the lawyer hit the right marks in advising his client about possible deportation. ...

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Vet sanction upheld for dog surgery (access required)

A Virginia veterinarian can be sanctioned for a single instance of improper treatment, the Supreme Court of Virginia said in an unpublished order released on Oct. 8. Dr. Lori Leonard faced a reprimand and fine after she admitted to performing ...

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