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Terminally ill motorcyclist injured in collision — $975,000 settlement

Type of action: Car-truck accident Injuries alleged: Rib fractures, pubic bone fracture, left hip fracture Name of judge or mediator: Judge Thomas Shadrick (Ret.) Date resolved: 9/13/2022 Special damages: $219,345.74 Verdict or settlement: Settlement Amount: $975,000 Attorneys for plaintiff (and ...

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Chauffeur forced to stop working after auto accident — $450,000 settlement

Type of action: Auto accident Injuries alleged: Concussion and post-concussive symptoms including headaches, dizziness and loss of balance; low back injury with radiation into left leg Name of case: Dinges v. Lim Court: Page County Circuit Court Case no.: CL20000171-00 ...

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Motorcyclist injured after colliding with turning truck — $1.8M settlement

Type of action: Truck v Motorcycle auto accident Injuries alleged: Right testicle rupture, broken rib, neck surgery and lower back pain Court: Prince William Circuit Court Date resolved: 10/17/2022 Special damages: Past medicals, future surgery for nerve repair to right ...

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Pedestrian suffers serious injuries in hit-and-run — $2M settlement

Type of action: Auto accident, personal injury Injuries alleged: Multiple contusions and abrasions, broken teeth, facial lacerations, thoracic aorta injury, left pneumothorax, spleen hematoma, hypoxia, tachycardia, grade 5 hepatic laceration, necrosis and liquefaction of the kidney and liver, right knee ...

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Plaintiff injured in 3-car rear end collision — $165,000 settlement

Type of action: Auto accident Injuries alleged: Cervical strain, lumbar strain and tear of the superior labrum with associated paralabral cyst Court: Fairfax Circuit Court Date resolved: 7/8/2022 Special damages: Past medicals totaling $56,087.88; lost wages totaling $1,514.52; future medicals ...

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Motorcyclist thrown from bike in crash with pickup truck — $850,000 settlement

Type of action: Auto accident Injuries alleged: Right femur fracture, left orbital wall fracture, left corneal abrasion, nasal bone fracture and wound infection Name of case: Hewitt v. Moore, et al. Court: Chesapeake Circuit Court Case no.: CL20-8792 Special damages: ...

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