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4th Cir.: Fired officers’ due process claims can proceed (access required)

Under clearly established law, publication of public safety officers’ allegedly defamatory termination letters to the media before holding a name-clearing hearing supported the officers’ claims of due process violations. Background During the summer of 2014, Officers with the Bald Head ...

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4th Cir.: Strip club license-denial provision unconstitutional (access required)

A city ordinance empowering the police chief to deny a “sexually oriented business” license application if he determined that the business “would not comply with all applicable laws” was an overbroad prior restraint. Background The City of Rocky Mount, North ...

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SCV: Front-yard noose display was in a “public place” (access required)

A black mannequin hanging from a noose in the defendant’s front yard was in a “public place” because it was clearly visible from a public road. Background Appellant Jack Eugene Turner lived on property adjoining a public road. Several other ...

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Dare to be stupid

Piers Morgan, the British-born host of the CNN program “Piers Morgan Tonight,” got into a verbal dust-up Dec. 19 with a guest on his show, Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America. Morgan ostensibly asked Pratt on the ...

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