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‘Paranoia,’ not race, prompted school’s action (access required)

Where a teacher’s emails accused a co-worker and students of participating in a “coordinated effort” of taking unauthorized pictures and raised conspiratorial beliefs about surveillance by school employees, he was placed on administrative leave and required to undergo a fitness ...

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Protected classes, activity unknown to employers (access required)

Where a failed job applicant alleged no facts showing that officials reviewing his resume and job applications were aware of his protected classes or protected activity, his discrimination claims failed as a matter of law. Background Plaintiff filed an EEO ...

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Volkswagen dodges suit over stop/start system (access required)

Although the plaintiffs alleged the start/stop system is defective in all nonhybrid Audi models made between 2017-2020, their fraud claims against Volkswagen were dismissed because they failed to identify any information about the system that was suppressed or concealed. Instead, ...

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Non-breaching party awarded over $1.6M in attorneys’ fees (access required)

Where an agreement between two parties waived consequential damages but one party breached that agreement and sued for damages between $30-90 million, the non-breaching party was entitled to recover over $1.6 million in attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in defending ...

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Race, disability not factors in decision to not hire  (access required)

Where a background investigation revealed concerns about a high-school coach’s “lack of boundaries with students” and that same concern had been reflected in a previous performance evaluation, that was a legitimate, nondiscriminatory reason why he was not hired for positions ...

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Court has jurisdiction to enforce own orders (access required)

Where the bankruptcy court previously dismissed an adversarial complaint filed by the debtors against their bank as “baseless,” the court’s jurisdiction to interpret and enforce its own orders included resolving a second adversarial complaint filed by the same debtors against ...

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