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Tag Archives: Judge Thomas T. Cullen

Whistleblower retaliation suit by vet proceeds (access required)

A whistleblower’s retaliatory termination suit against her former employer has survived dismissal, but the judge limited her allegations to those presented in her complaint to the Office of the Inspector General, or OIG. The veterinarian plaintiff alleged that her government ...

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Employer must produce attorney’s investigation documents (access required)

Where town officials testified they retained an attorney to investigate an employee’s hostile work environment complaints, and that investigation may determine the town’s liability, the magistrate judge did not err in ordering the town to respond to discovery about the ...

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Ex-paramour’s quid pro quo sex harassment claim fails (access required)

Where the former girlfriend of a company owner, who also worked at the company, alleged that the owner made “unwelcome” sexual advances, but the owner did not know she was ending their relationship at the time, and any animus against ...

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Employee sued for taking company property (access required)

Where an employee allegedly downloaded over a thousand files containing an elevator repair company’s confidential business information onto a personal hard drive at the same time he was operating a competing business, the employer’s statutory and common law claims survived ...

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Decedent’s estate awarded $250,000 in UM benefits (access required)

Where a man killed in an automobile accident had $1.5 million in uninsured and underinsured, or UM coverage, motorist coverage, and his estate accepted a $1.25 million wrongful-death settlement from the responsible driver’s carriers, the estate is awarded $250,000 in ...

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Medical centers’ COVID business loss claims dismissed (access required)

Where medical centers sought coverage for COVID-related business losses under the biocontamination and decontamination costs provisions in their policy, their claims are dismissed. The provisions require changes to the nature of the insured property that necessitates either repair or replacement ...

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