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Tag Archives: Judge Thomas T. Cullen

Judgment denied to former hotel employees (access required)

Where two persons moved for summary judgment on their claims that they were unjustly and inappropriately terminated from their positions at a Martinsville hotel, but they relied only on unsupported, conclusory statements, their motion was denied. Background This dispute dates ...

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Confidentiality order entered in retaliation suit (access required)

Where a doctor suing her former government contractor employer for retaliation argued the magistrate judge erred in adopting a confidentiality order that designated government confidential documents as confidential, her argument was rejected. A contract required the contractor to keep the ...

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Hospitals fail to trigger COVID closure coverage (access required)

Although hospitals lost revenue during the COVID-19 crisis because the Virginia governor banned certain elective and/or non-emergent procedures at their facilities, the “Interruption by Communicable Disease,” or ICD, endorsement provision provided no coverage. The ICD endorsement requires that the government ...

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Court resolves dispute over accident coverage (access required)

Although a driver involved in a motor-vehicle accident was simultaneously covered by insurance policies issued by separate carriers, because one policy provided primary liability coverage and the other policy provided excess coverage, the carriers did not have an equal pro ...

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