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Phishing concept
Mar 7, 2022

Gone phishin’: Hackers find new weak point in calendar invites

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began nearly two years ago, attorneys and other professionals have increasingly conducted business via digital means, including email and videoconferencing. Unfortunately, this increase in digital activity means cybercriminals have begun pursuing new avenues of attack beyond the typical spam email caught by a majority of email filters. These new cyber threats […]

Jan 10, 2022

Law firm planning: Get ready for 2022

Is your law firm ready for whatever may come now that COVID-19 surges are occurring all around the country, and the omicron variant is a looming threat? With mask mandates once again in effect in many areas, it’s impossible to predict what the future will look like. That’s why business planning for the upcoming year […]

Oct 11, 2021

Sexual harassment prevention training that actually works

It seems like every few weeks a new sexual harassment scandal explodes across the headlines. In most cases, salacious allegations involve powerful politicians or well-known executives who often end up resigning in shame. In a futile attempt to defend themselves, these men (yes, they are most often men) often attempt to excuse their behavior by […]

Christopher F. Earley
Aug 16, 2021

Delegating to others can help grow your practice

“In most organizations, the bottleneck is at the top of the bottle.” — Peter Drucker If someone else can do something 70% as well as you can, delegate it. As lawyers, we tend to try to handle everything ourselves. It gives us a sense of control. The old adage, “If you want something done right, […]

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