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Student crushed by motorized partition — $3,500,000 settlement (access required)

Decedent was a 10-year-old student at a Northern Virginia public school. During an after-school program, he was asked by a teacher to help operate a motorized partition that separated two rooms. To better hear the teacher on the other side ...

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Four hurt when car made left turn without yielding — $1.19 million settlement (access required)

The plaintiff was a passenger in a company vehicle on his way to work. As the plaintiff’s vehicle entered an intersection, the defendant traveling in the opposite direction made a left turn without yielding, causing the plaintiff’s vehicle to strike ...

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70-year-old plaintiff traumatically injured in car crash — $1,200,000 settlement (access required)

The plaintiff, a 70-year-old retired police officer/captain, was injured on July 13, 2018, in a motor vehicle collision in Rockingham County. The defendant failed to keep a reasonable lookout and yield the right of way when she pulled out in ...

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Doctors misdiagnosed man with high risks for heart attack — $1.7 million settlement (access required)

A 53-year-old man presented to an urgent care clinic with a chief complaint of chest pain radiating to his arms, back and mouth. He reported that the pain sometimes also made his teeth hurt. The man’s risk factors were highly ...

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Air bubble injected into artery caused stroke — $1.2 million settlement (access required)

During a cardiac catheterization procedure, plaintiff’s cardiologist violated at least five different warnings and improperly attached an air-filled syringe to the wrong catheter. Thereafter, the cardiologist injected 20ml of air into plaintiff’s radial artery, which caused an “arterial air embolism,” ...

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Driver passed out due to heavy coughing, rearended woman — $200,000 settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was rearended on an Interstate 564 exit ramp as she was waiting to enter the naval base for work. She was transported from the scene by an ambulance to a local emergency room with complaints of cervical pain and ...

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