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Tag Archives: Products Liability

Company liable for damages caused by tainted eyewash

Where a company sued for allegedly providing contaminated eyewash argued that sophisticated purchasers would not reasonably assume it was the manufacturer, because it was listed on the eyewash bottles only as a “distributor,” that argument failed. The eyewash bottle and ...

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Court lacks jurisdiction over foreign tire manufacturer

Where a wrongful death lawsuit asserted claims for negligence and breach of warranty against a tire’s foreign manufacturer, but there were no facts supporting the inference that company desired, intended or even expected that its product would reach Virginia consumers, ...

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3D printing: New frontier in potential product liability claims

Companies employ 3D printing technology now more than ever, leveraging devices in pioneering ways. Its widespread usage helps businesses cut costs and manufacture products efficiently. At the same time, the legal landscape surrounding 3D printers is underdeveloped, so those who ...

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Foreign manufacturer dodges exploding battery suit

Where a Virginia resident sued a manufacturer after its e-cigarette battery allegedly exploded, causing severe burns to his body, but the Korean-based manufacturer did not purposefully avail itself of the privilege of conducting activities in Virginia, the court lacked personal ...

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Court lacks jurisdiction over tire defendant

Where the administrator for a man killed when his tire failed sued multiple companies for negligence and products liability, the court lacked jurisdiction over one company with no meaningful contacts with Virginia. The company’s contacts were so lacking, moreover, that ...

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