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Tag Archives: Products Liability

Court lacks jurisdiction over tire defendant (access required)

Where the administrator for a man killed when his tire failed sued multiple companies for negligence and products liability, the court lacked jurisdiction over one company with no meaningful contacts with Virginia. The company’s contacts were so lacking, moreover, that ...

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No survival damages for alleged asbestos exposure (access required)

Where the representative of a now-deceased seaman alleging his exposure to asbestos aboard a Navy ship caused his death sought survival damages for pain and suffering as well as medical expenses, his claim was denied because survival damages for pre-death ...

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Court clarifies government contractor defense in asbestos suit (access required)

Where an engineering manufacturer intends to rely upon the government contactor defense in an asbestos suit, it must present evidence of the government’s knowledge about the asbestos hazards presented by the manufacturer’s products or equipment, and not just the government’s ...

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Claims vs. equine antibiotic manufacturer survive (access required)

Where a horse owner pleaded facts plausibly suggesting an equine antibiotic was defectively designed and manufactured, and that the manufacturer had notice of the defects but failed to warn customers, her claims may proceed to ­discovery. Background This four-count products ...

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Lack of expert testimony dooms mesh implant claims (access required)

Where the plaintiff alleged that she suffered injuries from a transvaginal mesh implant, but she had no expert testimony on the applicable safety standard or causation, the manufacturer was granted summary judgment. Background Elnora Henderson alleges that she suffered injuries ...

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