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Your first-half Top Ten

It’s July and we’ve made the turn on 2010. What were the biggest news stories on our website during the first half of the year? In order of popularity, here you go:

1. Fifteen lawyers leave LeClairRyan. …to start a securities law boutique firm.
2. Wise County judge no longer hearing cases. We broke this story last month. Still ongoing.
3. Dress Codes: What is the prevailing view on associates’ appearance? Last month’s web poll garnered a record response.
4. Court Jester: Johnston explains ‘Why Judges Wear Robes.’ Campbell County’s Sam Johnston published observations from the bench.
5. Law firm sues for unpaid fee…gets it all! A stop-the-presses result from Henrico County.
6. It’s now official: The ‘Shaggy defense’ is a term of art. Slate Magazine picked up on this one.
7. LeClairRyan lobbyists jump ship. …to join the Richmond office of a Pittsburgh firm.
8. Griffith: Mims leads the field for high court. We wrote it Jan. 4; Justice Bill Mims was elected in March.
9. Couple not reconciled by ‘accidental sex.’ Not much more can be said, or needs to be said.
10. Former judge accuses prosecutor of lying in court. In N.C. federal court, ex-federal judge Walt Kelley took a U.S. Attorney to task.

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