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Virginia’s Go To Lawyers – Medical Malpractice: Kim Satterwhite

Kimberly A. SatterwhiteKimberly A. Satterwhite
Shareholder, Herbert & Satterwhite


JD, University of Richmond
BS, Virginia Commonwealth University

Best known for:

Medical malpractice defense. I frequently defend complex obstetrical cases, high exposure cases involving catastrophic injuries or death and particularly sympathetic claims involving children.

Signature case / representation:

In back-to-back years, I was fortunate to lead teams that obtained the “largest defense verdicts” reported in Virginia Lawyers Weekly. First, we defended an obstetrician against claims a delayed C-section resulted in permanent neurological injuries to a then 3 year old. The case had a complex history before the Virginia Birth Injury Fund and the co-defendant hospital settled shortly before trial. The following year, we successfully defended a spinal surgeon after a 36 year old mother developed permanent paralysis following placement of a spinal cord stimulator. The patient claimed she was not an appropriate candidate for the device due to an underlying coagulopathy. The co-defendant product manufacturer settled just before opening statements.

Satisfying aspect of practice:

The opportunity to stand in front of a jury and tell a physician’s “side of the story” after what is often years of discovery, motions and the occasional nonsuit.

Working with clients:

I never discount the emotional toll of litigation on my clients who have devoted their careers to caring for patients. I try to remove the uncertainty from a process that is foreign to most people.


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