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Author Archives: Nicholas A. Hurston

County’s demand for commuter route payments fails (access required)

The Virginia Supreme Court has affirmed a ruling that the establishment of a commuter route did not trigger a shopping center owner’s obligation to contribute $500,000 under a zoning proffer for public transportation. “The County’s argument that voluntary conditional proffers ...

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Grana ready to lead as VSB’s first Hispanic president

Stephanie Grana

Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci partner Stephanie Grana has always wanted to be a lawyer. Well, except for a brief stint at age nine, when she aspired to be a veterinarian. Now this proud Virginia lawyer of nearly 30 years will ...

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Unreasonable restraint: Political ad ban doesn’t pass constitutional muster (access required)

Bus with no advertisements on the side

A public transit system had a legitimate interest in avoiding some politically charged advertisements, but its lack of a formal definition of “political” or written guidelines clarifying how its prohibition on political ads was to be applied doomed its policy ...

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Officer’s retaliation claims survive (access required)

Police car

A Richmond police officer’s allegations that he was retaliated against after complaining about being denied a promotion for discriminatory reasons have survived the city’s motion to dismiss. The Eastern District of Virginia found the officer had sufficiently alleged a violation ...

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Emotional distress claim vs. accuser survives dismissal (access required)

Distressed man sitting on stairs

A doctor who claimed he was arrested twice on false charges of stalking and domestic violence can sue his accuser for intentional infliction of emotional distress, or IIED. A federal trial court denied the accuser’s motion to dismiss, holding that ...

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