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Temporary worker’s tort suit covered by liability policy

A liability exclusion in a commercial general liability policy does not preclude coverage of a negligence claim brought by a staffing agency worker who said he suffered injuries because he was not provided with adequate protective clothing while working in ...

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Take care when using AI in the workplace

Artificial intelligence

When used effectively, artificial intelligence, or “AI,” can eliminate much bias in decision-making. However, when misused, AI may actually promote the same bias it should thwart. Generally, employers use AI in the workplace through supervised machine learning (SML) during the ...

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Did OSHA fail to protect workers from COVID?

The Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General has found that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration did not sufficiently protect workers from COVID-19 during the earlier part of the pandemic. The OIG report, issued on Oct. 31, found that ...

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Employer can be sued for retaliation

Open office area

Given some evidence that an employer’s proffered reasons for firing a former employee could be construed as pretextual, a lawsuit alleging that the termination was made in retaliation for the employee’s complaint about workplace racial discrimination can go forward. While ...

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Court issues verdict on employee misclassification

Wooden gavel

According to employer-side attorneys, a recent Massachusetts verdict in favor of an employer in a misclassification case should bring comfort to employers who contract with “legitimate” businesses for independent contractors’ services. But plaintiffs’ side employment attorneys say that they hope ...

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United Airlines must pay $305K to settle EEOC religious discrimination lawsuit

United Airlines will pay $305,000 to a Buddhist pilot and provide other relief to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency announced. According to the EEOC’s suit, the pilot was diagnosed with ...

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Prompt Pay Act means business

For executives involved in Massachusetts construction projects, the routine pay applications that are exchanged in the ordinary course of business must now receive their utmost attention — as any failure to reject a pay application in strict accordance with the ...

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Two nursing facilities ordered to pay back wages

Nursing home hallway

Two nursing facilities have been ordered to pay a total of $513,368 in back wages and liquidation damages to 231 nursing staff for Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations. The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania has ...

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Year-end reminder to update employee handbooks

The new year will be here soon. Consider this to be your annual reminder to review your employee handbook. Handbooks should be reviewed regularly as employment laws change at the local, state, and national level. Failure to update your handbook ...

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Cop suspended over Facebook post allowed to sue

A Cambridge, Massachusetts, police officer is suing the city, claiming that his employer violated his right to free speech. The city moved to dismiss the lawsuit, but a federal district court is allowing it to move forward. Officer Brian Hussey ...

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