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Tag Archives: Family Law

Children’s best interests considered in visitation order (access required)

Where the JDR court’s visitation ruling specified only “reasonable visitation” for father, the circuit court properly imposed a specific visitation schedule. The court had the authority to do so despite striking father’s evidence concerning changed circumstances. Further, despite mother’s contrary ...

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Children were properly placed in foster care (access required)

The circuit court properly determined appellant’s children were abused or neglected. Dispositional orders approving the removal and initial foster care plans for appellant’s children are affirmed. Background Appellant and her children, 15-month-old twins, were residents of a shelter. About a ...

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Guardian required for incapacitated person’s divorce (access required)

A power of attorney agent may not maintain a divorce action on behalf of the principal. The Uniform Power of Attorney Act expressly grants guardians the power to change a ward’s marital status. Overview The parties married in 1993. They ...

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JDR court’s dismissal on merits was final order (access required)

The circuit court has jurisdiction over this matter concerning a minor child because the JDR’s dismissal on the merits was a final order, thus permitting the circuit court to assume jurisdiction. Final order Initially, the court must decide whether this ...

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No guardianship where living father still has legal custody (access required)

A minor child’s maternal grandparents cannot be appointed as the child’s guardians because her father is alive and has legal custody of the child. Overview Petitioners are the maternal grandparents of a 15-year-old child whose mother died in 2012. She ...

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