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The top 10 intellectual property cases of 2020 (access required)


As is a BridgeTower Media custom this time of year, the following are the top 10 intellectual property cases from the past year. 1. Tampa Brady Tom Brady is once again seeking to acquire more federal trademark registrations. Last year ...

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Company can’t avoid dismissal of its patent claims (access required)

A company that twice filed complaints asserting patent infringement and related claims based on its beverage dispending system couldn’t dodge a motion to dismiss by arguing it needed discovery. Its complaint, meanwhile, included only conclusory allegations and was dismissed. Background ...

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No confusion in marketplace over CPFA designation (access required)

Where the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, or CFAI, presented no showing of actual confusion between its trademarks and those related to the Certified Pension Fiduciary Adviser (CPFA) program, CFAI prevailed on federal and state claims. Background CFA Institute alleges that ...

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Lack of customer confusion dooms claims (access required)

Where a tax resolution franchisor brought Lanham Act trademark infringement, Virginia trademark infringement and common law unfair competition claims against a tax resolution servicer, it failed to prove the defendants’ use of a website domain creates a likelihood of confusion and ...

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Judge refuses to recuse himself in high-profile infringement suit (access required)

Although Cisco Systems, which was sued for patent infringement, argued the trial judge should recuse himself after he discovered his spouse owned shares of Cisco and one of its competitors, the motion was denied because a reasonable person would not ...

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Cisco’s patent infringement results in award over $1.8B (access required)

A company that demonstrated that Cisco Systems infringed four of its patents covering complex computer networking security functions was awarded over $755 million in damages. Because Cisco’s infringement was willful, this amount was multiplied 2½ times, resulting in a total ...

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Damages awarded for copyright violations of rock star photos (access required)

Where the defendant committed at least three copyright violations by failing to obtain licenses for the use of photos of Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page, the plaintiff was awarded $1,500 per violation, as allowed by statute, plus a ...

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