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Personal Injury

Nov 27, 2023

Motorcyclist’s foot amputated in collision — $7M settlement

The plaintiff, a 40-year-old man at the time of the incident, was riding his motorcycle through an intersection with the right of way. The defendant was traveling in the opposite direction when he made a left turn across the plaintiff’s lane of travel resulting in a collision.

Nov 20, 2023

Defendant’s absence from med-mal trial not prejudicial

Appellant women’s clinic did not show that a defendant’s absence from a medical malpractice trial created sufficient prejudice to warrant a mistrial. The clinic’s “argument ignores the impact of the circuit court’s repeated instructions to the jury not to ‘make any assumptions or draw any inference due to [the defendant’s] absence.’” The circuit court correctly […]

Nov 20, 2023

Statements properly admitted under Dead Man’s Statute

Where plaintiff’s decedent fell and later died from his injuries after he leaned on an unlocked ultrasound stretcher at appellant hospital, hearsay evidence of the decedent’s explanations of how the fall occurred was properly admitted under Virginia’s Dead Man’s Statute. The incident The decedent, Fr. Rogakos, was an 86-year-old Greek Orthodox priest who had trouble […]

Nov 20, 2023

Man suffers back injury in crash with out-of-state driver — $530,000 settlement

The plaintiff was a 66-year-old male driver struck by an out-of-state driver. The defendant was in Virginia for work and was working within the scope of his employment at the time of the crash.

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Nov 20, 2023

‘Unamendable’: Expired filing deadline bars personal injury claim

A trial judge made no error dismissing a plaintiff’s refiled personal injury action against a deceased defendant who was represented by an insurer acting in her name, the Court of Appeals of Virginia ruled.

Nov 13, 2023

Tenant fell ill from mold in apartment — $588,000 verdict

The plaintiff was living in 300-unit garden apartment complex in Richmond for more than three years. There were water intrusion issues throughout his tenancy that were poorly addressed by maintenance.

Nov 6, 2023

Driver struck child exiting school bus — $750,000 settlement

Type of action: Personal injury, auto accident Injuries alleged: Trauma to head/body, fractured femur requiring hardware procedure and multiple procedures Tried before: Mediation Name of judge or mediator: Judge David B. Carson Date resolved: 6/2/2023 Special damages: $227,169.94 in past medical expenses Verdict or settlement: Settlement Amount: $750,000 Attorneys for plaintiff: James “Jim” W.[...]

Nov 6, 2023

College freshman struck by vehicle while crossing street — $260,000 verdict

Type of action: Personal injury Injuries alleged: ACL and MCL tear, requiring surgery and physical therapy Name of case: Catlin v. Todt Court: Prince Edward Circuit Court Case no.: CL22-82 Tried before: Jury Name of judge or mediator: Judge Donald Carl Blessing Date resolved: 6/14/2023 Special damages: Medical expenses of $47,691.44 Demand: $200,000 Offer: $125,000 […]

Oct 30, 2023

Young passenger injured in collision with disabled vehicle — $100,000 settlement

On Oct. 7, 2020, the defendant left his disabled Ford F-350 work truck protruding into the westbound travel lane of White Oak Road (Route 218) in Stafford County, a dimly lit roadway, during the night, without any warning or hazard lights activated.

Oct 30, 2023

Woman suffered bruised heart in crash with pickup truck — $320,000 settlement

The defendant’s pickup truck crashed into the plaintiff as she pulled forward from a stoplight. A surveillance video captured the accident, but it did not capture the light for either party. However, moments before the crash a faint yellow glow was briefly visible from another light at the intersection.

Oct 23, 2023

Tractor-trailer T-boned vehicle, injuring passenger — $285,000 settlement

Type of action: Personal injury Injuries alleged: Right arm displaced spiral fracture Name of case: Jackson v. Heflin Date resolved: 3/16/2023 Special damages: $63,893.94 Demand: $300,000 Offer: $285,000 Verdict or settlement: Settlement Amount: $285,000 Attorney for plaintiff: Emily E. Smith, Fredericksburg Description of case: On May 6, 2022, the plaintiff was a passenger in a […]

Oct 23, 2023

Examining doctor’s deposition properly excluded from evidence

Where appellee was injured in a vehicle crash, the trial court properly excluded an examining doctor’s deposition because the doctor violated the court’s order imposing limitations on what he could ask appellee, and by referring to the Rule 4:10 medical examination as an independent medical examination. Multi-vehicle crash Layton was injured when Elze hit the […]

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