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Tag Archives: Washington County Circuit Court

Some claims survive demurrer in easement case

Plaintiffs’ claim of a prescriptive easement to use defendants’ road survives demurrer because the complaint alleges exclusive and continuous use, from which plaintiffs’ use under claim of right is presumed. Because plaintiffs have stated a claim, they can seek permanent ...

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Worker who quit for good cause gets benefits

The Virginia Employment Commission erred by denying plaintiff’s claim for unemployment benefits because the record does not support its finding that he voluntarily left his employment without good cause. ‘Good cause’ An employee who voluntarily leaves his or her job ...

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Plaintiff claimed delay in surgery exacerbated injury – Defense Verdict

Plaintiff alleged that he was misdiag­nosed and received negligent treatment after a left biceps tendon rupture. After an injury at work, the patient was seen in de­fendant’s urgent care clinic. A physician as­sistant diagnosed a forearm and arm strain and ...

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Plaintiff suffered multiple orthopedic injuries in I-81 head-on crash – $1,300,000 Settlement

Plaintiff, a 49-year-old woman, was driving southbound on I-81 for work when the defendant’s decedent left the northbound lanes of I-81, crossed the median, entered the southbound lanes, and collided head-on with the plaintiff’s vehicle. Decedent, a beloved schoolteacher in ...

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C-Section was ordered an hour too late, birth injury plaintiff claims – Defense Verdict

Plaintiff contended that the defendant OB/GYN failed to appropriately monitor her mother’s labor, recognize and respond to fetal distress, and timely order a C-section, which resulted in anoxic encephalopathy with severe and permanent neurological injury and cerebral palsy. The primary ...

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