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Tag Archives: Employment Discrimination

Federal right to sue notice does not apply to Virginia Values Act

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Claims of disability discrimination and retaliation against an employer survived summary judgment, but the Western District of Virginia said the worker failed to administratively exhaust his claims under the Virginia Values Act, or VVA. In Moss v. Saja Restaurant Group ...

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College prevails on professor’s retaliation claims

Where a college professor argued she was terminated for unlawful reasons, but the record showed the decision was because she was not a good fit for the college and because of reports of threatening and unprofessional behavior, the college prevailed ...

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Claim that government favors older employees dismissed

Where an employee of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, alleged that ICE’s COVID-19 testing policy favors “those over 50 that can just up and retire,” his claim under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or ADEA, ...

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Hostile work environment claim survives motion to dismiss

Where a woman at a logistics company alleged that her supervisor and other employees made derogatory comments “that Chinese people, like [plaintiff], would ‘eat rats, cats, and dogs’” or a question about “why Chinese people are so tiny,” she plausibly ...

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Salvation Army bell ringer alleges retaliatory discharge

Where a seasonal bell ringer for The Salvation Army was terminated shortly after he complained about white employees getting better, more lucrative bell ringing assignments, he plausibly alleged a claim for retaliation. Background In late 2021, George Weatherford was hired ...

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