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Tag Archives: Employment Discrimination

Employer must produce attorney’s investigation documents (access required)

Where town officials testified they retained an attorney to investigate an employee’s hostile work environment complaints, and that investigation may determine the town’s liability, the magistrate judge did not err in ordering the town to respond to discovery about the ...

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Employee’s racial bias claim can go forward (access required)

Where the former employee of an educational program for at-risk adolescents alleged that he was treated differently than white employees, and included specific factual allegations of the different treatment, that was sufficient to state a claim for race discrimination. Charles ...

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ADEA plaintiff gets costs, front pay, attorney’s fees (access required)

After a jury found a brush company terminated the plaintiff because of his age, the court awarded him his attorneys’ fees and costs, pre and post-judgment interest and front pay for one year. Background Warren Cannada alleged that his former ...

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Statements direct evidence of discriminatory motive (access required)

Employee leaving office after being fired or laid off

A man’s gender-based wrongful termination claim has survived summary judgment because the company CEO’s alleged role in his firing provided direct evidence of discriminatory motive. The plaintiff alleged that during his employer’s investigation of sexual harassment complaints against him, the ...

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Air traffic controller’s retaliation suit barred (access required)

Where an air traffic controller previously sued the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, alleging that a training disparity was the result of sex discrimination, and the FAA prevailed, res judicata barred his new suit alleging the same conduct was the ...

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