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Employee’s age discrimination suit fails twice (access required)

Where the plaintiff was terminated as treasurer by one company and was not hired by a successive employer, his suit alleging age discrimination failed because he presented no evidence that his age was the reason for the employment decisions. Background ...

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Airport authority did not discriminate or retaliate against employee (access required)

Where the facts showed a former employee was terminated after the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, or MWAA, conducted a legitimate internal investigation into his conduct, that his complaints about the workplace were normal disagreements or managerial judgments and that he ...

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Process to challenge inclusion in terrorism database deemed inadequate (access required)

Where the current post-inclusion process of challenging being listed in the federal government’s Terrorist Screening Database, or TSDB, does not provide a constitutionally adequate opportunity to rebut evidence relied upon in assigning a person TSBD status, it violates the Due ...

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Employee fired five months after protected activity can’t sue (access required)

Where an employee had received negative performance reviews for five years before her termination, and her termination occurred at least five months after she engaged in any protected activity, she could not pursue claims of retaliation against her employer. Background ...

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Failure to investigate corporate citizenship not sanctionable (access required)

Where a defendant’s in-house counsel told the plaintiff that they were not planning to object to the federal court’s subject matter jurisdiction and their outside counsel later discovered that the defendant’s corporate citizenship negated the complete diversity of the parties, ...

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