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Employee fired five months after protected activity can’t sue (access required)

Where an employee had received negative performance reviews for five years before her termination, and her termination occurred at least five months after she engaged in any protected activity, she could not pursue claims of retaliation against her employer. Background ...

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Failure to investigate corporate citizenship not sanctionable (access required)

Where a defendant’s in-house counsel told the plaintiff that they were not planning to object to the federal court’s subject matter jurisdiction and their outside counsel later discovered that the defendant’s corporate citizenship negated the complete diversity of the parties, ...

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Controlled substances on funds prompt seizure at airport (access required)

Where an individual was found with funds containing traces of controlled substances while going through security at an airport and was unable to provide documentation to support any of his inconsistent claims regarding the source of those funds, the funds ...

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No bases shown for removing medical device case to federal court (access required)

A plaintiff who alleges he suffered injuries during spinal fusion surgery did not abandon his claims against non-diverse defendants, and because the removal occurred more than one year after the suit was filed in state court without a showing of ...

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Contractor must pay pension fund for journeymen, apprentices (access required)

An air conditioning contractor that allegedly failed to make required contributions on behalf of journeymen and apprentice plumbers and pipefitters was found liable to the pension fund for liquidated damages, interest from the date the payments were due and attorney ...

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