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Tag Archives: Judge Rossie D. Alston Jr.

Court lacks jurisdiction in stolen bee dispute (access required)

Where a Virginia-based beekeeper sued California-based defendants after its bees were allegedly stolen, but there were insufficient contacts between the California-based defendants and Virginia, they were dismissed from the suit. Background The facts giving rise to this cause of action ...

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Marked up: Homeowners claim designer allegedly inflated expenses (access required)

A breach of contract claim brought by out-of-state homeowners against a Virginia interior designer has survived a motion to dismiss. The homeowners claimed the designer inflated expenses without their knowledge and that they had to spend tens of thousands of ...

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Designer can be sued for allegedly overcharging (access required)

Where homeowners alleged their interior designer inflated expenses without their knowledge, and that they were forced to hire another design team and spend significant sums addressing her inability to complete the job, their breach of contract claim survived the motion ...

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Availability of money damages dooms TRO motion (access required)

Where the plaintiff alleged that financial institutions and a commonwealth agency conspired to deny him weekly pandemic unemployment assistance payments, his request for injunctive relief was denied because, among other reasons, the alleged injuries were compensable in damages. Background In ...

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Statements direct evidence of discriminatory motive (access required)

Employee leaving office after being fired or laid off

A man’s gender-based wrongful termination claim has survived summary judgment because the company CEO’s alleged role in his firing provided direct evidence of discriminatory motive. The plaintiff alleged that during his employer’s investigation of sexual harassment complaints against him, the ...

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