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Failure to show ‘disparity’ leaves agreement intact (access required)

Where a husband failed to establish that there was “gross disparity” in the distribution of marital assets, that his wife exerted oppressive influence over the process, or that the judge acted improperly, the court found the couple’s separation agreement was ...

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Benefits denied for safety rules violation (access required)

Where a Goodwill driver willfully violated his employer’s known safety rules, he is denied workers’ compensation benefits. Background Appellant was employed by Rappahannock Goodwill. On Oct. 10, 2016, appellant sustained injuries while unloading donated goods from a company truck. Appellant ...

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Use of cell phone site data in drug case was valid (access required)

Law enforcement officers who witnessed a drug transaction acted in good faith when they sought historical cell phone site location data based on the law at the time, and defendant’s conviction is affirmed. Background After Alexandria police detectives witnessed appellant ...

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CAV: Attempted capital murder conviction upheld (access required)

A man who initiated a gun fight with a law enforcement officer, apparently while under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, unsuccessfully challenged the trial court’s evidentiary rulings and accepted jury instructions. Background David Frizzell appeals his convictions for attempted ...

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CAV: Teacher’s altercation with student was defensive, not a “threat” (access required)

A special education teacher who ended up in a brief physical altercation with a chronically disrespectful student was acting defensively only, which did not support a finding of child abuse or neglect. Background This case concerns an altercation between Appellee ...

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