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Assembly acts to fill new appeals court judgeships (access required)


A long-dormant proposal to expand the Court of Appeals of Virginia suddenly became a flashpoint issue this month as General Assembly Democrats prepared to fill an expected four new judicial seats while Republicans derided the initiative as a liberal “pack-the-court” ...

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Laches dooms injunctive relief challenge to absentee balloting (access required)

The plaintiffs’ delay in mounting a challenge to the absentee ballot process in Virginia because of the COVID-19 pandemic, resulted in injunctive relief being denied because of laches. Background On March 12, 2020, Gov. Ralph S. Northam declared a state ...

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Veterans’ organization lacks standing to challenge lack of online access to records (access required)

Where the government removed prior decisions involving corrections to military records from a website, but still made them available upon request, a veterans non-profit organization lacked standing to challenge the removal because it could still fulfill its mission. Furthermore, the ...

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Racial inquiry excised from Virginia marriage applications (access required)

Where the state registrar was unclear about the court’s prior ruling regarding a race question on marriage applications, the ruling was clarified and she was directed to excise the race inquiry from the applications. Background This matter comes before the ...

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Workers get damages after company closes without notice (access required)

Where the company closed without providing notice to its 150 employees  required under the WARN Act, the employees were awarded damages including back pay, vacation pay and benefits. Background Plaintiffs sued FCI Enterprises LLC, in addition to FCI’s corporate officers ...

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Race question on marriage application burdens right to marry (access required)

Where the plaintiffs had standing to challenge a Virginia code section because they were denied marriage licenses after they refused to provide their race on the application, and where the Attorney General’s opinion that the statute did not require race ...

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Judge strikes state’s marriage race question (access required)

Marriage License Signing FEA

Despite the state’s effort to avoid the constitutional implications of a Virginia law requiring couples to disclose their race when seeking a marriage license, a federal judge emphatically declared the law unconstitutional in an Oct. 11 ruling. Requiring the betrothed ...

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Failure to show ‘disparity’ leaves agreement intact (access required)

Where a husband failed to establish that there was “gross disparity” in the distribution of marital assets, that his wife exerted oppressive influence over the process, or that the judge acted improperly, the court found the couple’s separation agreement was ...

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