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CAV: Husband’s unilateral sale was marital waste (access required)

Despite the divorcing parties’ substantial marital debt, Husband’s decision to sell their assets for less than their value – without obtaining wife’s approval – was contrary to an existing court order and constituted waste of marital assets for equitable distribution ...

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CAV: Father didn’t protect child from mother’s mental problems (access required)

The trial court didn’t err in terminating a father’s parental rights based in part on his responses to the child’s mother’s psychological problems, either abandoning the child with the mother during stressful moments or expecting the child to “get used ...

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CAV: Employee termination for unethical conduct upheld (access required)

A Department of Social Services employee who worked in secret for a Department contractor had adequate opportunities for notice and hearing in the proceedings leading to his termination. Background Appellant John Carpenter was employed as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ...

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CAV: Plain language mandates lighter burden on coal miner (access required)

The Workers’ Compensation Commissioner correctly interpreted a provision of the Workers’ Compensation Act to set forth a disjunctive set of proof standards, of which the claimant need satisfy only one to show permanent total disability. Background Appellee Carson Vanover, currently ...

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CAV: No error in $2,000 monthly support calculation (access required)

On cross-motions to modify an ex-husband’s child support obligations, the trial court did not err in crediting the wife’s testimony over the husband’s as to their respective financial circumstances or in awarding attorney’s fees to the wife. Background Appellant Philip ...

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CAV: “Hobson’s choice” didn’t violate speedy-trial right (access required)

Despite numerous “egregious” discovery failures by the Commonwealth resulting in the defendant having to choose between a speedy trial and the evidence to which he was entitled, the trial court committed no error in finding that the Commonwealth didn’t act ...

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Va. Ct. App.: Despite retirement, no spousal support reduction (access required)

A former Secret Service agent must maintain the same support obligation as before he voluntarily retired. Although he had been depleting his savings and relying on his current wife to make payments, his ex-wife’s relative financial situation justified the status ...

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Tuition payments deemed waste of marital assets (access required)

Divorce Decree FEA

A divorcing father’s unilateral decision to use a marital investment account to pay for his adult son’s master’s program was properly considered waste of the marital assets, the Court of Appeals of Virginia has ruled. A Fairfax County circuit judge ...

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CAV: Marginal improvements too late to reverse TPR (access required)

An adoption plan for children who suffered significant abuse and neglect while living with their biological parents will not be disturbed, despite the father’s new employment and substance-free status. Background Appellant Daniel Ray Essenmacher shared two minor children with Tymatha ...

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