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Tag Archives: Judge Vernida R. Chaney

Vehicle stop made on reasonable suspicion (access required)

An investigative stop of appellant’s vehicle was reasonable based on an anonymous tipster’s face-to-face report to police. Appellant’s argument “Galvante contends that the officers unconstitutionally seized him without reasonable suspicion when they stopped his car based on an uncorroborated report ...

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Evidence supports malicious wounding conviction (access required)

Where appellant was convicted of malicious wounding and firearm offenses, his argument that there was insufficient evidence to convict because the victim’s testimony was “inherently includible” is not well-taken. Background After appellant Lane and his brother Quintaz argued about money, ...

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Evidence supports forcible sodomy verdict (access required)

Appellant’s conviction of forcible sodomy accomplished through the use of the complaining witness’s physical helplessness is affirmed. Appellant’s own testimony established the penetration element of the crime. His own testimony “Costas contends that the circuit court erred in denying his ...

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Evidence supports assault conviction as an accomplice (access required)

Where appellant was convicted as an accomplice of her father’s aggravated malicious wounding and malicious wounding of two individuals, there was sufficient evidence that her actions created accomplice liability. Background Kelly was at an apartment shared by Boykins and Cortez. ...

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