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Contracts with VA entity establishes jurisdiction

Where out-of-state companies contracted with a Virginia-based corporation to implement uniform practices, including the practices that resulted in the alleged Fair Labor Standard Act violations at issue in this suit, the court could exercise jurisdiction over the foreign defendants. Background ...

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Vocational workers are ‘employees’ under NLRA

Where the National Labor Relations Board concluded that the relationship between a vocational services program and disabled janitors was akin to a “typically industrial” relationship, thus making the janitors “employees” under the National Labor Relations Act, and substantial evidence supported ...

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Notices on negotiations wasn’t unfair labor practice

Where the manufacturing company posted notices about then-ongoing negotiations with the union, but did so in a straightforward manner that expressed its position without directly or indirectly soliciting employee action, it did not commit an unfair labor practice. Background Tecnocap ...

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Employer can’t dispose of calculation-of-benefits suit

Although an employer argued its method of calculating benefits for retirees electing joint and survivor annuities under its defined benefit retirement plan was reasonable under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, testimony from the plaintiff’s expert witness about the appropriate ...

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