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Mistrial sought in $10-million death verdict

Defense lawyers hope to undo a monumental verdict claiming a juror had ties to a plaintiffs’ law firm.

A Charlottesville jury last month awarded more than $10.5 million to family members of a woman fatally injured when a concrete mixer truck fell on her car in 2007. The award ranks among the largest in Virginia arising from a death case.

Now, defense lawyers have moved for a mistrial saying, among other things, the jury forewoman had an undisclosed financial relationship with Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, the lead law firm for the plaintiffs. According to WVIR-TV, Juror Mandy Hoy is a former executive director of the local Meals on Wheels program and the Allen firm was a financial supporter. Hoy told the station the defense was grasping at straws.

By Peter Vieth

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