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Focus on: Family Law and Elder Law

This week’s special second section focuses on the fields of family law and elder law; the two increasingly are intersecting as families seek to resolve issues with aging parents or changes arising from divorce.

The stories you’ll find in this issue:

Irrevocable trusts What happens when the children who are beneficiaries of a trust set up by parents or grandparents find that circumstances have changed and the trust needs to be modified?

Support issues for Baby Boomers The first Boomers are starting to retire, but they and others may find that their support obligations don’t go away or get reduced automatically once they stop working.

Legislation in the 2012 Assembly The legislature has been passing a number of new laws that will have an impact on both fields of law.

Protecting a client’s business during divorce An important issue regardless of the client’s age.

Forensic accounting in family law What to do when divorce clients raise concerns that spouses are hiding assets or income.

We’ll be following these important fields of law, and we look forward to hearing from you about the issues we should cover.

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