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Not-so grand juror (access required)

Indict - FEA

A grand juror in Halifax County, North Carolina, got a sneak peek at the prosecution’s evidence in his criminal case – and there’s a chance, albeit a slim one, that the presentation was so convincing he decided to go ahead ...

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Hinckley’s return to normalcy has been years in making

WILLIAMSBURG (AP) Life for the man who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan 35 years ago has progres­sively become more normal, with great­er freedom outside a psychiatric hospi­tal, and perhaps nowhere is this more evident than the record store where ...

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Rules protect workers who enter confined spaces (access required)

Confined Space Warning danger FEA

The dangers of working in confined spaces have been well known and documented for over 2,000 years. During the rule of the Roman emperor Trajan (53-117 AD), physicians of the day wrote of the ill effects suffered by convicts forced ...

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Beware the blast of a social media explosion (access required)

Social Media like share follow - FEA

By Jim Calloway As I was finalizing this column, there were news reports that the so-called “affluenza teen,” Ethan Couch, and his mother had been arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Readers will recall the young man stole beer from a ...

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Rule on injury reporting creates new obligations (access required)

Injury wrist keyboard carpal tunnel - FEA

By Erik Eisenmann and Laura Ferrari The Occupational Safety and Health Administration published a final rule in May requiring certain employers to electronically submit workplace injury and illness infor­mation to OSHA and requiring all employers to adopt procedures to encourage ...

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How to become a valuable resource for journalists (access required)

Reporter notebook pen hand - FEA

Given the number of attorneys in the United States (some 1.2 mil­lion practicing ones), it seems unlikely that the majority of these lawyers can become trusted re­sources for journalists. Before such a union can materialize, however, there are rules that ...

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Practical, effective social media for lawyers: Virtual reality edition (access required)

Virtual reality FEA

There are a number of social me­dia platforms lawyers can use to leverage relationships and, most importantly, build friendships, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Let’s take a look at virtual reality. Facebook has announced that it is shipping the ...

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To make it rain, get into the habit — 5 of them (access required)

splashing raindrops

A successful rainmaker must get out of the comfort zone. Lawyers who embrace new routines and adopt five key marketing habits will see a significant yield from their efforts. Practice these habits until they become second nature; your continued success ...

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19 signs someone is about to quit a job (access required)

Exit Businessman FEA

Most bosses are caught off guard when facing a mass employee ex­odus, and the same can happen when just one valued employee resigns. “As the boss, it’s important to watch for the symptoms of an impending depar­ture so you can ...

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