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Missouri attorney suspended for repeated sexual advances toward clients

A split Missouri Supreme Court issued a one-year suspension to an 86-year-old attorney who had inappropriately touched six clients. Three dissenting judges would have disbarred him. St. Clair County attorney Dan K. Purdy made unwanted sexual advances toward four of ...

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What businesses need to know about future litigation risks

Scales of justice in courtroom

Although 2022 saw an overall demand for law services decline on a national level from 2021, one area where midsize firms remained particularly strong was litigation, per Thomson Reuters’ 2023 Report on the State of the Legal Market. Employment and ...

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Commercial insurance: An annual review of coverage can prevent future disaster

Insurance policy documents

With spring approaching, companies should consider adding an annual insurance checkup to their “spring cleaning” to-do list. Many businesses have, at some point, encountered this nightmare scenario: despite paying substantial insurance premiums year after year, a significant claim arises and ...

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Employee termination best practices: Exit interviews and final paychecks

Employee being handed paycheck

Exit interviews are a very useful tool and can provide valuable information to an employer to help avoid future claims and improve employee retention. They are also the perfect time to provide a departing employee with their final paycheck in ...

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IP frontiers: Supreme Court to determine extraterritorial reach of Lanham Act

U.S. Supreme Court building

Business is becoming an increasingly global venture. Given that, American businesses with trademarks in the global marketplace must become adept at enforcing their intellectual property rights against infringement around the world. In recent years, many foreign companies have been taking ...

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ADA lawsuit against hotel revived by federal court

A disabled person with no intention of visiting Baltimore may nevertheless sue a hotel in the city for allegedly violating a federal law requiring that it provide details of its accommodations for disabled guests on reservation websites, a federal appeals ...

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The importance of succession planning

A couple of months ago, I wrote an op-ed about how boards of directors can become dysfunctional. I received feedback asking me what I thought was the most critical function of a board. This led me to ruminate on the ...

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Commentary: New federal protections for pregnant and nursing employees

U.S. Capitol building

President Joe Biden has signed into law two measures that expand the rights of pregnant and breastfeeding workers: the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and the Providing Urgent Maternal Protections for Nursing Mothers (PUMP) Act. Both measures were included in the ...

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