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Tag Archives: Defamation

Jury sides with prominent public figure in defamation suit — $5M verdict (access required)

Type of action: Defamation Name of case: Oliver v. Cohen Court: Virginia Beach Circuit Court Case no.: CL 19-692 Tried before: Jury Name of judge or mediator: Judge Beverly W. Snukals (Ret.) Date resolved: 4/1/2022 Demand: $10,000,000 Offer: $250,000 Verdict ...

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Richmond jury sides with trio of physicians in defamation case (access required)

Type of action: Defamation claim and counterclaim for fraud in the inducement Injuries alleged: Plaintiff alleged defamation; defendants alleged bullying and harassing conduct from plaintiff Name of case: Scarabelli v. Ellenbogen, et al. Court: Richmond Circuit Court Case no.: CL18003609-00 ...

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Ruling: Dismissal of defamation lawsuit against Fairfax upheld

(AP) A federal appeals court on June 23 upheld a ruling dismissing a defamation lawsuit filed by Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax after CBS News broadcast interviews with two women who accused him of sexual assault. In its ruling, a ...

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Some counterclaims survive demurrer in defamation case (access required)

Where defendant was sued for defamation and has asserted counterclaims, some claims survive plaintiff’s demurrers while others are barred by the statute of limitations. Background In the underlying suit, filed on March 1, 2019, plaintiff John C. Depp sued defendant ...

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Judge tags dentist $140K for deleting evidence (access required)

In a court battle in which one dentist is suing another for defamation and for firing him, a circuit judge has ordered the defendant dentist to pay $140,554.65 in attorneys’ fees and costs for deleting digital records requested in discovery. ...

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No jurisdiction for defamation claim against UK newspaper (access required)

Plaintiff, a solicitor in the United Kingdom and a California resident, has not demonstrated how this court can assert personal jurisdiction over his defamation claim against the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, arising from matters occurring in the UK involving ...

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