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Richmond law firm defending claims in Florida (access required)

A Richmond business law firm and two lawyer members are defending claims in federal court in Florida arising from an investment venture that went sour for two participants. A U.S. District Judge sitting in Tampa on Sept. 7 dismissed a ...

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Investment behaviors to avoid (access required)

By Marijoyce Ryan BridgeTower Media Newswires After enjoying solid investment returns in 2017, investors this year have experienced higher than usual volatility in the stock market and headwinds in the bond market. Rising interest rates and trade tensions have been ...

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Technology: prioritize in money and time (access required)

Google the word “technology” and in less than one second you’ll get almost 3 billion — yes, that’s right, billion — results. Love it or hate it, technology is not only here to stay, but also here to have an ...

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