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Unlawful entry prompts reversal of marijuana conviction (access required)

After sniffing around doors and windows, officers concluded the strong odor of marijuana was coming from the defendant’s trailer. Though they obtained a warrant, the police had unlawfully entered the defendant’s property, leading to the overturning of his conviction. However, ...

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Closing costs from house sale not defined as joint debt (access required)

Where the parties’ agreements did not designate how closing costs from the sale of marital assets should be treated, the court did not err in allocating closing costs. Background Prior to marriage, the parties entered into a premarital agreement. Among ...

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CAV: News article on prior trial not testimonial; admissible (access required)

At a defendant’s probation revocation hearing, the circuit court properly admitted information about the defendant’s most recent convictions as reported in a news article read by the prosecutor. The article was written to inform the public, not in anticipation of ...

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