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Focus on Elder Law

Virginia Lawyers Weekly//February 24, 2014

Focus on Elder Law

Virginia Lawyers Weekly//February 24, 2014//

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Elder LawVirginia Lawyers Weekly is pleased to present “Elder Law,” a special supplement to the Feb. 24, 2014 paper. This 12-page B-Section is sponsored by the Virginia Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (VAELA).

Articles from the 2014 Elder Law section present some of the important issues in the field:

Specialty trusts and Medicaid and veterans’ benefits planning. A revocable living trust is one of the most popular estate planning tools, but it’s not protected from lawsuits or the expenses one might incur with a catastrophic injury. Our story identifies how to get protection.

The Windsor case. What does last June’s U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act mean to same-sex couples in the commonwealth? The ground is shifting quickly.

Primers on Special Needs Trusts and promissory notes and Medicaid planning. Our authors walk you through specific issues and identify the main topics of note surrounding these questions.

Contested guardianships. Establishing a guardianship is relatively straightforward, right? What happens if the elderly person involved resists and gets his or her own lawyer?

Elderly financial abuse. Only a fraction of the elderly who suffer financial abuse report their problems. A look at the issue and what’s being done about it.

Protecting a child’s SSI benefits into adulthood.Many parents do not realize that their children may be at risk for losing Supplemental Security Income benefits upon turning 18. It is important that attorneys advise their clients of this fact.

Communication with Third Parties in Elder Law practice. What should the attorney do when the client brings friends or family to their appointment, or when helpers contact the attorney for information?

The Elder Law section includes a directory of all VAELA members, including contact information.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about this section and your suggestions for other areas of practice to explore.





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