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2023 ADR Survey

Virginia Lawyers Weekly//October 12, 2023

ADR Survey

2023 ADR Survey

Virginia Lawyers Weekly//October 12, 2023//

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Virginia Lawyers Weekly is pleased to provide the results of the VLW 2023 Alternative Dispute Resolution Survey. This project provides information about ADR providers across Virginia. Participants had the opportunity to provide basic information about their ADR businesses or practices. For an additional fee, some providers opted to take an enhanced listing. In an enhanced listing, the provider can present a variety of facts about their ADR practice, including:

  • Logo and photo
  • Name, address and phone number of the practice
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • A 100-word message describing the provider’s experience and practice
  • Areas of emphasis/specialties, and geographic areas served
  • Education and certifications
  • Services available (mediation, arbitration, case evaluation, mini-trials, collaborative law)
  • Total annual cases handled and primary source of mediation business
  • Hourly rates and availability of remote service

For non-responding ADR providers who supplied information last year, we relied on information from their websites. Those providers feature an asterisk in this year’s survey. We hope you find this feature valuable and that the information is useful as you determine when you need ADR services and who you call for help. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and input as we seek ways to make this survey even better next year.

Susan A. Bocamazo
Managing Director

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