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Life is messy; why not plan for it?

Businessman signing documents

There seems to be a false notion floating around that somehow, we’re going to get everything in order tomorrow. That tomorrow, when we wake up, it will be the perfect day, where we will have ample time for the planning ...

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Key issues to consider in commercial lease termination agreements

Like in any long-term relationship, by the time a landlord and tenant have decided to terminate a commercial lease, both parties are usually in a rush to go their separate ways. Regardless of why a landlord and tenant decide to ...

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Judge under scrutiny for alleged financial conflicts

A federal judge who oversaw the criminal trial against prominent Baltimore defense attorneys Kenneth W. Ravenell and Joshua R. Treem is under scrutiny after a Wall Street Journal investigation found he had dozens of financial conflicts in cases he’d handled ...

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Overcoming the challenges facing a small law firm

­­ By Beth Sears BridgeTower Media Newswires Reuters conducted a recent survey of law firms with less than 30 attorneys and found these five issues to be their biggest challenges: New client acquisition Time spent on administrative tasks Cost control/expense ...

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Make cybersecurity a priority for your law firm

By Nicole Black BridgeTower Media Newswires If cybersecurity isn’t on you firm’s ra­dar this year, then it’s high time you made it a priority. The risk of a breach that could compromise your law firm’s confidential client data is an ...

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Identity theft law covers taking from dead

By David Donovan BridgeTower Media Newswires Grave robbing has been a tempting crime for millennia—the victim is in no shape to defend himself, and he would seem to have no further use for worldly possessions. Egyptian pyramids were specifically engineered ...

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Huguely insurance litigation ends

BALTIMORE — A federal judge has ruled that State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. has no duty to pay damages in civil court for the man convicted of killing University of Virginia student Yeardley Love, potentially ending more than six years ...

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The late-payment culture

By Phil Muscato BridgeTower Media Newswires There’s a troubling issue plaguing business to business suppliers and service providers. A recent study by Mastercard found that 74% of business owners and employees think late payments are an inevitable part of business ...

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Innovation demystified: Change ways you think, talk

By Susan Letterman White BridgeTower Media Newswires I recently read that one-third of lawyers in firms of at least 50 attorneys were pessimistic about adapting to the challenges and changes facing them. Many problems lawyers face involve generating sufficient revenue ...

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