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Author Archives: Ken Bresler

Noteworthy and quoteworthy: two new books of quotes

If you’re relying on the internet for quotations, stop right now. Stop for two reasons. One, the internet is unreliable. It misattributes too many quotations to Abraham Lincoln, Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain. When a person is quoted, it should ...

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Sharp words, unclear terms from Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court

Just in time for the U.S. Supreme Court to launch its new term, here are my observations about the court’s legal writing in its flurry of end-of-term cases about abortion, guns and administrative law. The decision about abortion that overturned ...

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Tidy up your writing with some late spring cleaning

Declutter your writing. Make every word count. Deleting an unnecessary preposition here and there won’t be a huge way to help you meet word limits in your writing, but it will help. And it will make your writing more concise ...

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