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Injury claims based on smart meter emissions preempted (access required)

Where appellants claimed they were injured by exposure to radio frequency emissions from a smart meter that Virginia Electric and Power Co. installed on their home, federal conflict preemption bars the claims. The Federal Communications Commission governs RF emissions. Appellants’ ...

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Alleged defamatory statements lacked ‘sting’ (access required)

Statements contained in appellant’s disciplinary form lacked the requisite “sting” to be actionable as defamation. Further, any republication of the statements and other statements made in proceedings before the Virginia Employment Commission are absolutely privileged. Overview Appellant Shannon was the ...

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Limit hike for GDC would ease backlogs (access required)

The jurisdictional limit of Virginia’s general district courts would go from $25,000 to $50,000 under a bill moving through the General Assembly. Senate Bill 1108 would double the maximum civil jurisdictional limit of general district courts. The present concurrent limit ...

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Supreme Court splits on eviction delay power (access required)

A divided Supreme Court of Virginia has acceded to a request from the governor to institute a second suspension of Virginia eviction proceedings. The new, four-week freeze was welcomed by legal aid housing advocates, but the court’s Aug. 7 published ...

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Homeschoolers not required to provide children’s birth certificates (access required)

A county school board lacked authority to require appellants and other persons homeschooling their children to provide the children’s birth certificates and proof of residency in the county. Background Appellants, the Sosebees, homeschool their children. Appellee, the Franklin County Board ...

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Claims struck by trial court remanded for damage award (access required)

The circuit court erred by striking plaintiff’s claims of excessive force, false arrest and illegal search against defendant police officer on the basis of sovereign and qualified immunity. Defendant did not challenge the jury’s findings that he was liable for ...

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