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Action over worker classification stays in Virginia (access required)

Where the plaintiff filed suit in the Western District alleging he and a nationwide class of workers were misclassified as independent contractors, his motion to change venue to Texas was rejected because defendants and documents are located here, and Texas ...

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Workers get damages after company closes without notice (access required)

Where the company closed without providing notice to its 150 employees  required under the WARN Act, the employees were awarded damages including back pay, vacation pay and benefits. Background Plaintiffs sued FCI Enterprises LLC, in addition to FCI’s corporate officers ...

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Employees given second chance on wrongful termination (access required)

Where employees suing their former employers for wrongful termination related to alleged criminal activity failed to plead facts sufficient to fit within Virginia’s narrow exception to at-will employment, they may try again based upon their representations they had additional facts ...

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Ex-employee must return data, no damages for company (access required)

Where a company did not show it was damaged by an employee who breached his employment contract by retaining company documents after his termination and was ordered to return them, the company recovered no monetary damages. Background Defendant Christopher Steinke ...

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Prevailing plaintiff awarded almost $1 million in fees, costs (access required)

Where a former employee of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles sought over $1.8 million in fees and costs, the magistrate judge reduced the amount to approximately $938,000. The parties then reached a settlement on the amount of fees, costs ...

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No federal question jurisdiction over Virginia servicemember’s claim (access required)

Where a servicemember’s claim was brought under Virginia’s codification of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, or SCRA, resolution of that claim did not involve federal law as to provide federal question jurisdiction. Background This is a civil action alleging a ...

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