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Music festival bartenders’ FLSA suit proceeds

Crowd at music festival

The Western District of Virginia conditionally certified a class of bartenders and barbacks who claimed a rock festival violated the Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, and Virginia laws in 2021 and 2022. The defendants argued that class certification wasn’t ...

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Amtrak employee’s Title VII claims must be arbitrated

Where an Amtrak employee alleged that she was subjected to discrimination made unlawful under Title VII, but her claims necessitated the “interpretation or application” of a collective bargaining agreement, they were subject to arbitration under the Railway Labor Act. Background ...

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Fireman alleges retaliation because of political beliefs

Where a Lynchburg fireman alleged that city officials investigated and disciplined him because of his speech on a political issue, he plausibly alleged a First Amendment retaliation claim. Background Martin Misjuns contends that he was subjected to a pattern of ...

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Conditional class certified in bartender/barback wage suit

Where bartenders and barbacks who worked at a music festival in 2021 and 2022 raised similar issues regarding whether they were paid minimum wage, overtime and tips required by federal and Virginia law, a class was conditionally certified. Background Plaintiffs ...

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U.S. invokes states secrets privilege in non-solicit dispute

Where a company sued its former employees for violating a non-solicitation promise, and sued their new company for tortious interference, the United States was permitted to intervene in the suit to invoke the “state secrets” privilege because the companies performed ...

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