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Wrongful termination and related claims go forward (access required)

Where plaintiff was discharged from her bartending jobs at two different Fraternal Order of Eagles clubs, her claims for wrongful termination, a whistleblower violation and tortious interference survive defendants’ demurrers. Plaintiff is granted leave to amend her complaint to plead ...

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Fired consultant liable for retaining company’s laptop (access required)

Where a consultant who was terminated retained his company laptop, which contained notes from about potential customers, he was liable for breach of contract and conversion, with a jury to determine the amount of damages. Background Richard A. Lombardo was ...

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Nurse can sue, claims she was fired for whistleblowing (access required)

Where a registered nurse alleged that she was terminated four days after she complained that the hospital’s refusal to accept children in need of immediate emergency psychiatric care violated federal law, she plausibly stated a claim for whistleblower retaliation. Background ...

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Corporate officers are not employers in unpaid wage case (access required)

A corporation’s president and its chair of the board are not “employers” for purposes of plaintiffs’ claim for unpaid wages under Code § 40.1-29(J). Overview Defendant Christian Psychotherapy Services employed Cornell and Sparks as clinical psychologists. CPS was a family ...

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Claim: school protected student who stole trade secrets (access required)

Where a professor alleged that the Eastern Virginia Medical School allowed a student to publish the professor’s trade secrets as a poster for a scientific meeting and assisted or allowed the student to file for patent protection, she plausibly alleged ...

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