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Ex-financial advisers likely misappropriated trade secrets (access required)

Where financial advisers likely misappropriated trade secrets from their former employer, allegedly causing the life insurance company to suffer loss of goodwill, customer trust and damage to its reputation, the advisers were enjoined from continuing to benefit from the misappropriation ...

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Special ed teacher not sexually harassed by second grader (access required)

Where a special education teacher alleged a sexually hostile work environment based on unwelcome touching by an intellectually challenged second grade student, because the child was incapable of distinguishing based on sex, the touching was not severe or pervasive and ...

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Man claims he was fired for filing bankruptcy (access required)

Where the bankruptcy code prohibits a private employer from terminating an employee “solely because” that individual has filed for bankruptcy, and the employee alleged he was terminated after his employer decided his bankruptcy made him a liability, the claim survived ...

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Supervisor’s acts didn’t create hostile environment (access required)

Where the former Virginia Tech employee’s hostile work environment claim ultimately relied on a single instance where her male supervisor “pinched and played with his nipple in a suggestive manner” during a meeting, the alleged incident was not sufficiently severe ...

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Employers need clear social media policies (access required)


When insurgents stormed the U.S. Capitol building Jan. 6, many posted about the experience on their social media channels with some even livestreaming the event. The fallout from their actions, however, was swift. Not only were some arrested on federal ...

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