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Legal at the time: Another judge holds traffic stop changes not retroactive

New laws limiting police traffic stops for minor offenses should not restrict prosecution of cases that arose from stops before those laws took effect, a Virginia trial judge has ruled. In Commonwealth v. Eberhardt (VLW 021-8-129), Richmond Circuit Judge W. ...

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25-year-old man died from infection six days after misdiagnosis — $793,803.86 verdict

Type of action: Wrongful death; medical malpractice Injuries alleged: Wrongful death of a 25-year-old man Name of case: Young v. Kletzing Court: Roanoke County Circuit Court Case no.: CL19-1067 Tried before: Jury Name of judge or mediator: Judge Charles N. ...

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‘Shameful’ — Roanoke judge: Confederate monument must go

Roanoke County Circuit Judge Charles N. Dorsey ordered the removal of a Confederate statue from the front of the Roanoke County courthouse last month. And if the statue isn’t moved, the court must be moved to a different location, he ...

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Immunity bars challenge of gun purchase denial

Where plaintiff claims the state police violated his rights by denying his application to purchase a firearm, sovereign immunity bars the claim. The state police department, as an agent of the commonwealth, has sovereign immunity and there is no express ...

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Negligence claims in sewage case go forward

Defendant’s demurrers to plaintiff’s claims for negligence per se and negligence, arising from defendant’s alleged failure to keep a mobile home park’s septic system in good working order, are overruled. A demurrer to plaintiff’s contract-based claim to keep the septic ...

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