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Tag Archives: Judge Mary Grace O’Brien

Employer’s neuropsychologist properly admitted as expert

A neuropsychologist hired by claimant’s employer was correctly admitted as an expert witness under the Workers’ Compensation Commission’s own rules and procedures. “[T]he Commission ‘is not bound by statutory or common law rules of pleading or evidence nor by technical ...

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‘Plainly wrong’: Court finds no conversion of classic car, tosses jury verdict

Classic Ford Mustang

A jury’s conclusion that a car repair and painting business was liable for conversion after it sold a classic car that its owner refused to pick up for months has been reversed on appeal in a matter of first impression. ...

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No expungement of inaccurate felony charge

A Supreme Court of Virginia majority has refused to expunge a felony charge of driving while intoxicated even though the government conceded that the man didn’t have the requisite prior felony and should only have been charged with a misdemeanor. ...

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Motion to modify child support properly denied

Where father provided no admissible evidence to support his request to reduce his child support obligation, there was no error in the court’s evidentiary rulings. Mother’s motion to strike was properly granted. Documentary evidence “Father contends the court erred in ...

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Change in condition related to prior accident

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly awarded an injured school bus driver temporary total disability benefits for a five-day period. The commission properly determined her change in condition was causally related to a work-related car accident four years earlier. Background ...

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