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‘Deceptive’ email supports Fair Debt claim (access required)

Where a debt collector promised to file a notice of satisfaction “upon receipt” of payment, and then garnished the plaintiff’s wages after receiving that payment, the deceptive email gave rise to a claim under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act. ...

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Attorneys’ fees reduced for travel time and lack of success (access required)

Although the civil rights litigation helped set guiding precedent at the intersection of two constitutional rights, the attorney’s hourly rate was reduced to align with those in the district, travel time was compensated at 50% of the usual rate and ...

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Defendant wins state recommendation for service of federal sentence (access required)

Where a defendant asked that he receive a nunc pro tunc designation of the Virginia Department of Corrections for service of his 70-month federal sentence, he received a recommendation that the Bureau of Prisons grant his request. Background This matter ...

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Judge: Infant settlement terms must be public (access required)


Litigants settling a child’s medical malpractice claim cannot keep the terms secret under Virginia law that requires a judge’s approval of the compromise, a circuit judge has ruled. The decision underscores transparency principles established in a 2008 Virginia Supreme Court ...

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Vehicle stop for ‘flipping the bird’ is unconstitutional (access required)

Displaying the middle finger to a police officer was an insufficient reason for a vehicle stop, and where no other lawful reason for the stop existed, the officer was not entitled to immunity and judgment was entered in the passenger’s ...

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Question of officer’s liability for shooting goes to jury (access required)

A jury will decide if the fatal shot to decedent came from a distance or close range. However, two retired police officers named as plaintiff’s experts must persuade the court that they have sufficient expertise to render an opinion as ...

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