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Plaintiff gets texts on county employee’s personal phone (access required)

Despite Page County’s objection to a magistrate judge’s ruling on a terminated employee’s discovery motion, the plaintiff is entitled to text messages on the personal cell phone of a county employee, communications between that employee and a county contractor and ...

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Defendants could be charged with use of firearm during violent crime (access required)

Where gang members from rival street gangs who allegedly collaborated to facilitate a murder, several attempted murders, two assaults and other related crimes, they could be charged with using a firearm during a crime of violence because murder and attempted ...

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Photog could sue for unlicensed photo use on company’s site (access required)

Where a company hired an outside firm to create a commercial website and the outside firm used an unlicensed, copyrighted photo to accompany an article posted on one of the webpages, both the company and the owner of the outside ...

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Company president convicted for role in government contracts scheme (access required)

The government established the defendant, who served as president and chief scientific officer of a company he founded, conspired to defraud the United States and aided and abetted the submission of false statements to obtain government funds. Background On Feb. ...

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Court reconciles seemingly redundant FCRA provisions for first time (access required)

To avoid concluding that two preemption provisions in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, are redundant, the court, for the first time, joined other district courts in holding that one preemption provision applied to state statutory claims and the ...

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No fraud liability for failure to report identity theft by third party (access required)

Where an independent insurance agent sold insurance policies under a contract with an insurance company and unknown third parties used the agent’s license to process applications with the insurance company, ultimately leading to financial losses for the agent, the agent ...

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