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Tag Archives: Justice Stephen R. McCullough

High court: Harmless error doctrine limited by VAPA (access required)

Surgical procedure

The Supreme Court of Virginia has asked the state health commissioner to re-evaluate an application for a certificate of public need, or COPN, from Chesapeake Regional Medical Center for a new open-heart surgery service and cardiac catheterization equipment. The decision ...

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Court properly apportioned personal injury settlement (access required)

Where the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services asserted a Medicare lien of more than $96,000 on appellant’s $370,000 personal injury settlement, the evidence supports the trial court’s reduction of the lien to $85,000. Contrary to appellant’s argument, there are ...

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Failure to produce translator was not constitutional error (access required)

There was no Confrontation Clause violation when the commonwealth did not produce at trial the on-scene officer who translated questions and answers when appellant, whose native language is Spanish, was being interviewed “concerning the possible sexual abuse of his underage ...

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