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Man in multi-vehicle wreck on I-95 had hurt back – $700,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was traveling northbound on Interstate 95 when a tractor-trailer changed lanes, striking a third vehicle in its blind spot. That caused that vehicle to strike the plaintiff’s pickup truck, which struck the jersey wall and crossed three lanes of ...

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Man dealt with neck injury after auto crash – $660,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff, a 57-year-old male construction supervisor, crashed into the defendant as she pulled away from a street parking space at about 25 miles per hour. Plaintiff felt pain in his neck immediately, and was advised to follow up with is ...

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Woman in wheelchair died after being pushed into door post – Confidential Settlement (access required)

Jane Doe, age 92, fractured her left knee when a CAN pushed her wheelchair into a door post. She died 11 days later from blunt force trauma. She suffered from dementia. Her life expectancy was very limited. [18-T-002] Type of ...

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Patient at facility was given another patient’s meds – $497,500 Settlement (access required)

The decedent, age 62, had been a resident of Covington Manor, an assisted living facility located in Alleghany County, for approximately 20 years. The decedent had suffered from a lifelong history of substance abuse and mental illness which led him ...

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Road crewman killed by driver, estate gets all limits – $996,363 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff’s decedent was part of a road-work crew. Defendant drove his car into plaintiff’s decedent and killed him. Defendant denied negligence and asserted defenses of unavoidable accident, sudden emergency, assumption of risk, and contributory negligence. The settlement amount represented 100 ...

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Passenger was hurt when car’s mirror was pushed into him – $750,000 Settlement (access required)

The plaintiff was injured in an automobile crash when his host vehicle was struck on the passenger side by a large pickup truck. The plaintiff lost consciousness at the scene and sustained a large soft tissue injury to his right ...

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