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Tag Archives: Judge James P. Jones

Doctor’s termination was not retaliation (access required)

Where a doctor alleged that he was terminated days after he complained about allegedly being pressured to commit fraud regarding hospital admissions, but there were legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons for his termination that he failed to show were pretextual, the employer ...

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Statute survives: Parents lack standing to challenge grandparent visitation law (access required)

Grandparent and grandson playing with soccer ball

A federal judge has ruled that the parents of a minor child did not have standing to sue over the state’s grandparent visitation statute, as they failed to allege that they would imminently suffer a concrete injury. The case arose ...

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False Claims Act suit against Walgreens dismissed (access required)

Where the federal government and Virginia alleged that Walgreens violated the False Claims Act and state laws when it falsified documents to obtain reimbursements for hepatitis C medications that would otherwise be denied by Virginia, but Virginia Medicaid’s requirements were ...

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Parents lack standing to challenge visitation law (access required)

Where two grandparents seeking visitation with a minor grandchild intended to rely on a statute passed by the Virginia General Assembly providing rights for grandparents in their situation, the child’s parents failed to allege they have or will imminently suffer ...

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Headaches meet test for woman’s ADA claim (access required)

Unpredictable, debilitating migraine headaches alleged by a former employee are enough to support a wrongful termination claim under the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to a ruling from an Abingdon federal judge. The plaintiff contends her stroke-like headaches left her ...

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Inmates weren’t ‘in custody’ during prison interview (access required)

Even though incarcerated persons interviewed about safety following a stabbing were questioned in a separate location, isolated from the general prison population, restrained and not advised that they were free to leave, because of the totality of the circumstances, including ...

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Migraines substantially limit employee’s ability to work (access required)

Where an employee alleged her migraines were “debilitating” and rendered her unable to drive, travel, read printed material, view computer imaging or be in a heavily lit room, she plausibly alleged the migraines substantially limited her ability to work. Background ...

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WARN Act plaintiffs awarded nearly $1.4 million (access required)

Where the court previously found a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, or WARN Act, violation, and that the plaintiffs were entitled to payment for the workdays included in the 60 calendar days following their terminations without cause, the court adopted ...

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Employees awarded wages for WARN act violation (access required)

Where a compressor manufacturer violated the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) act, its employees are awarded compensation for each working day of the violation period. Background In this class action alleging violations of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, ...

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