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Tag Archives: Judge James P. Jones

‘Rejuvenate’ mark holder can challenge ‘REJUVenate’ (access required)

Where the defendants were allowed to use “REJUVenate” on “[a]ll-purpose disinfectants for infection control and prevention and biosecurity,” but allegedly used it on cleaning products that fall within the scope of goods covered by the plaintiff’s preexisting “Rejuvenate” mark, the ...

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Man can’t show termination related to protected activity (access required)

Where there was a one year gap between a store manager’s alleged protected activity and his termination, a few instances of the silent treatment and a single reprimand were insufficient to show his termination was causally connected to his protected ...

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Bias allegations related to ‘quid pro quo’ claim (access required)

Where a former public service employee’s discrimination claim did not expressly allege “quid pro quo” harassment, but it did allege that her supervisor demanded she endure his harassment in exchange for continued employment, and reassigned her because she refused, those ...

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Visitor to landfill alleges owner’s acts caused accident (access required)

Where a man directed by his probation officer to perform community service at a landfill was stuck and injured by a vehicle, he plausibly alleged the landfill’s owner breached a duty to provide training, warnings, supervision or signage, and that ...

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