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Judge saves case but raps lawyer over service deadline (access required)

Despite a missed service deadline, an Abingdon federal judge allowed an employment discrimination lawsuit to go forward while noting concern that the same lawyer had allowed the service deadline to pass in a similar action only a few months before. ...

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Sentence reduced by 60 years due to disparate severity (access required)

A defendant convicted of distributing oxycodone and cocaine and possession of firearms who received three 300-month sentences under 18 U.S.C. § 924(c), had his total 1,020-month sentence reduced to 300 months because the stacking of the 924(c) 25-year sentences, and ...

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Evidence supported amount, quality of meth (access required)

Testimony from the defendant’s former roommate, and well as evidence from coconspirators, supported the conclusion in the presentence report that the defendant’s methamphetamine-related conduct involved more than 4.5 kilograms of Ice methamphetamine. Background James Skyler Sebastian pleaded guilty without a ...

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Ex-employee won’t be enjoined from new employment (access required)

Although the former employee violated a noncompete agreement by taking a new position, the request for a preliminary injunction was denied because the evidence did not show the employee received extensive or specialized training sufficient to justify the restrictions. Background ...

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