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Naming all LLC members not needed for diversity jurisdiction (access required)

A law firm suing its former client for unpaid legal services sufficiently alleged diversity jurisdiction by alleging the LLC defendant’s members are natural persons domiciled in Tennessee. Identifying the names of the members was not necessary. Background Gentry Locke Rakes ...

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Fees reduced for overstaffing and ‘reinventing the wheel’ (access required)

Although the prisoners’ rights organization that prevailed in a First Amendment suit against a jail authority and its superintendent was awarded reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses, payments were limited to four attorneys rather than 10, and the hours of the ...

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Experts may testify about prescription practices (access required)

Although two experts who planned to testify on behalf of a family physician charged with prescribing controlled substances to patients without a legitimate purpose were excluded because their testimony was cumulative, four other physician experts, including the defendant himself, may ...

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Virginia expert certification not required in federal court malpractice case (access required)

Although a Virginia statute requires an opinion of a certifying expert as of the time service of process is requested in a medical malpractice case, and a Tennessee statute requires a certificate of good faith to be filed with the ...

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Drug more closely related to THC for sentencing purposes (access required)

In considering the sentence of a man who pleaded to conspiring to distribute and possess AB-FUBINACA, the court relied on two pharmacologists with the Drug Enforcement Administration to find the drug was more closely related to tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, than ...

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