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Tag Archives: Judge Marla Graff Decker

Sufficient evidence of receiving stolen property (access required)

Where appellant was convicted of receiving stolen property worth more than $500, his “ever-changing and contradictory statements, in conjunction with other evidence, proved he possessed the two stolen boats.” Overview Bailey, the theft victim, had two boats, a Chaparral and ...

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Wife’s relationship with boyfriend was not marriage (access required)

Where the parties’ settlement agreement provided that wife would no longer get a portion of husband’s retirement benefits if she remarried, her relationship with her boyfriend was not a “marriage” as defined by the settlement agreement.  ‘Marriage’ defined “Agreements between ...

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Abduction verdict supported by sufficient evidence (access required)

There was sufficient evidence to support the trial court’s conclusion that appellant was guilty of abduction because he tricked an eight-year-old child into handing a three-year-old to him through his bedroom window and then attempted to conceal the child. Introduction ...

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