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Motions to strike jurors for cause correctly denied (access required)

Where appellant was convicted of malicious wounding an individual while attending the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, the trial court correctly denied motions to strike four prospective jurors for bias. The record supports the trial court’s determination that all ...

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Husband’s share of marital home correctly calculated (access required)

Where the parties’ first marital home was purchased, in part, with husband’s separate property, and proceeds from the home’s sale were used to purchase another marital home, in which improvements were made using husband’s separate property, the court correctly calculated ...

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Proffered impeachment evidence correctly excluded (access required)

The trial court correctly excluded proffered evidence to impeach a minor rape victim’s credibility. Further, evidence that appellant twice refused to provide a DNA sample was properly admitted. Appellant’s rape and indecent liberties convictions are affirmed. Facts S.D. accused appellant ...

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Conviction for failing to reregister as sex offender upheld (access required)

A defendant was properly convicted of failing to reregister as a sexually violent offender. Background Jack Randall Young was indicted for multiple violations of the Virginia Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act, including two counts of failing to ...

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False pretenses conviction appeal waived by brief deficiencies (access required)

A defendant’s conviction for obtaining funds using false pretenses based on her withdrawal of $110 in cash after she had deposited two checks into her account that were subsequently rejected was upheld because the significant deficiencies in her appellate brief ...

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Conviction for failing to reregister as a sex offender upheld (access required)

Where an officer’s testimony and a record keeper’s affidavit demonstrated that the defendant missed a sex-offender reregistration date, and the defendant’s statements to the officer that he thought he had mailed the form in gave rise to a presumption that ...

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