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Doctors misdiagnosed man with high risks for heart attack — $1.7 million settlement (access required)

A 53-year-old man presented to an urgent care clinic with a chief complaint of chest pain radiating to his arms, back and mouth. He reported that the pain sometimes also made his teeth hurt. The man’s risk factors were highly ...

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Plaintiff underwent three surgeries following complications of hip replacement — $1.05 million settlement (access required)

Defendant orthopedist performed a right total hip arthroplasty on the plaintiff. At the time of the surgery, the plaintiff was classified as morbidly obese and suffering from anemia. The plaintiff maintained that these conditions are known risk factors for complications ...

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Mother has standing in intrauterine insemination suit (access required)

A mother has standing to sue the United States, on behalf of her deceased children, for medical malpractice allegedly committed by military medical providers that led to the death of two fetuses and three children who died shortly after birth. ...

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Failure to exhaust administrative process dooms claim (access required)

Where a doctor twice operated on a plaintiff’s elbow and she cited only the second surgery as negligent on her administrative claim form, there was no jurisdiction over a suit about the first surgery because it was not administratively exhausted. ...

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Air bubble injected into artery caused stroke — $1.2 million settlement (access required)

During a cardiac catheterization procedure, plaintiff’s cardiologist violated at least five different warnings and improperly attached an air-filled syringe to the wrong catheter. Thereafter, the cardiologist injected 20ml of air into plaintiff’s radial artery, which caused an “arterial air embolism,” ...

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Virginia expert certification not required in federal court malpractice case (access required)

Although a Virginia statute requires an opinion of a certifying expert as of the time service of process is requested in a medical malpractice case, and a Tennessee statute requires a certificate of good faith to be filed with the ...

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