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The VLW Quick 10: New Lawyer Law Firms

Paul Fletcher//October 29, 2012

The VLW Quick 10: New Lawyer Law Firms

Paul Fletcher//October 29, 2012

The latest group of new lawyers to take and pass the Virginia Bar Exam has been announced. We salute them for this accomplishment – you can find the complete listing of our newest brothers and sisters at the bar on page 8.

Here’s some old news: the job market for newbies remains challenging. Here’s some scoop, at least for some on the new lawyer list. We’re here to help you follow a time-honored practice – the ritual of hanging out your own shingle, and starting your own law firm. If you don’t know your new partners, not to worry. Consider this an introduction.

Herewith are some of the new firms, comprised of 2012’s new lawyers, that you just might be seeing in court or reading about in the paper:

1. Nixon & McGovern. This two-lawyer firm will specialize in election law and criminal law. You figure out which partner will be handling which specialty.

2. Hatfield & McCoy. They’re good lawyers, but things are always a bit tense around their office.

3. Titter, Gladney, Harr & Laughinghouse. Their office is a happy place.

4. Brewer, Beerbower, Bierman & Champagne. Their office also is a happy place, especially after 5 o’clock.

5. Bender, Lake, Beck, Hamme & Hoops. They practice sports law, representing
mostly soccer and basketball players.

6. Greenleaf Klovers. Environmental law is their field.

7. French & Fry. No tater is safe within 300 feet of their office.

8. Dixon, Mick, Nicks, Hicks & Nix. They’re in the mix with a fix if they’re your picks.

9. A word of warning: Depositions take forever at Telis Moore.

10. Finally, when Sharp Cleaver and Pierce, Nash & Kiehl  face off in a big case, somebody is going to get hurt.

— Paul Fletcher

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