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Tag Archives: Fairfax County Circuit Court

Woman injured by intoxicated driver, required colostomy — $4.2M verdict (access required)

Type of action: Auto accident Injuries alleged: Tears of the colon and ileum; morel-lavalee seatbelt traction injury; fractured transverse process at C1, L2, L4 and L5 and broken rib Name of case: Vera v. Algie Court: Fairfax County Circuit Court ...

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Wheel fell off truck after routine servicing — $200,000 verdict (access required)

Type of action: Negligence, personal injury Injuries alleged: Concussion, subdural hematoma Name of case: Sheckels v. Handley Motor Company Inc. Court: Fairfax County Circuit Court Case no.: CL 2020-11058 Tried before: Jury Name of judge or mediator: Judge Penney S. ...

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Commissioner of accounts properly conducted hearing (access required)

The commissioner of accounts properly held a hearing regarding a conservator’s accounting of the decedent’s estate, even though the information prompting the hearing came from a disinterested party. Background Kishna Minor was appointed conservator of Eric Witt Wilder, her incapacitated ...

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‘Highly surveilled nation’: Judge denies geofence warrant in first-of-its-kind decision (access required)

Police officer investigating digital evidence

A judge has denied a request from the Fairfax County Police Department to issue a “geofence” search warrant in a motel shooting case. Such a warrant would allow a police department to request for Google to list any cellphones active ...

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61-year-old had nagging back, neck pain after crash — $100,000 settlement (access required)

Type of action: Motor vehicle crash Injuries alleged: Concussion, back pain, neck pain Name of case: Bernardz v. Mazhar Court: Fairfax County Circuit Court Case no.: CL21001486 Date resolved: 12/15/2021 Special damages: $38,000 Demand: $100,000 Offer: $100,000 Verdict or settlement: ...

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‘Geofence’ search warrant request lacks probable cause (access required)

The Fairfax County Police Department’s request for a “geofence” search warrant is denied because it is overbroad. Further, the warrant affidavit does not have sufficient probable cause or particularity. Overview Police investigated shootings at a motel. Two groups of people ...

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Multiple surgeries needed after accident involving moving van — $290,000 verdict (access required)

Type of action: Personal injury; auto accident Injuries alleged: Aggravation of lower back injury requiring surgery, right rotator cuff surgery, concussion, labral tear Name of case: Arda Konialian-Beck v. Natan Zewdie Aberu, Yemareshet Mekonnen Kebede, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance ...

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Plaintiff without counsel cannot represent estate (access required)

Although plaintiff is the proper party as the personal representative of her mother’s estate, she cannot maintain an action to compel defendant to convey a deed to the estate unless she has counsel. Overview Plaintiff Wood sued George Marshall, alleging ...

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