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Alleged abuse of daughters not grounds for cruelty (access required)

Where wife has counterclaimed for a divorce on grounds of cruelty, her allegations that husband sexually abused the parties’ daughters when they were minors, and the effect this had on wife, “do not constitute cruelty for purposes of divorce under ...

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Leave to amend granted in contract breach case (access required)

Where a valid nonsuit was entered in plaintiff’s previous suit against a homeowners association, he has preserved his right to refile his case. Plaintiff is granted leave to amend his declaratory judgment count, or, in the alternative, to bring claims ...

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Arrest records expunged because charge was dismissed (access required)

Where petitioner seeks to have records of his arrest for “sexual battery” expunged, the petition is granted because the charges were eventually dismissed. Overview Petitioner was arrested on January 30, 2006, for misdemeanor sexual battery in violation of Code§ 18.2-267.4. ...

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Defendant lacks legal obligation to plaintiff in collection case (access required)

Defendant is entitled to summary judgment in this collection case because plaintiff has produced no evidence of any legal obligation between defendant and the entity that defaulted on loans obtained from plaintiff. Facts Plaintiff FVCBank has sued defendant Transform Holdco ...

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No stacking of coverage for UIM bodily injury (access required)

An insurer’s vehicle policies unambiguously prevent stacking of underinsured coverage for bodily injury. As a result, the available coverage for the injured party is limited to $25,000, instead of a greater amount he claims is available. Policies Fafa was involved ...

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Court articulates factors to award attorneys’ fees (access required)

Where the divorcing parties each seek attorneys’ fees from the other, the court provides the guidelines and considerations it uses to determine whether to shift attorneys’ fees and whether a fee request is reasonable. Discussion “[T]here is little authority to ...

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